Issue with RDP ports on Windows 7

Jul 30, 2012 at 11:10 PM

I came across this library as I was trying to put together a windows service which establishes SSH tunnels on demand when somebody tries to access a port on a box. To try out port forwarding on a box I tried to experiment with port 3389 used for RDP on my local box. When I run your TcpPortReRouter_ConsoleApp I am seeing the RDP screen but it fails after it tries to lauch the welcome screen. Have you tried something like this before? This is the config I am trying:

<add name="local rdp" listenIP="" listenPort="9090" targetHost="" targetPort="3389"/>

Here I am trying to route RDP requests on 9090 to 3389 on local. I then try to connect to via mstsc and I get the behavior described above. Not sure if it had to do with SSL or some kind of secure trasport RDP uses behind the scene.

Anyways nice work and very handy library. I am sure many would find this useful.